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Pro-Grid Shelving, Milwaukee Packout Compatible Flat Shelf


  • Laser cut for tight fit up
  • Includes stainless steel fasteners
  • Slotted holes for more forgiving installation
  • Robust 12ga mild steel construction with strengthening bends
  • Powder coated texture black

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Pro-Grid Shelving, Milwaukee Packout Compatible Flat Shelf

Introducing the Pro-Grid Shelving Milwaukee Packout Compatible Flat Shelf, the perfect addition to your workspace organization needs. Made from premium 12-gauge mild steel and designed and laser cut in the USA, this flat shelf is built to withstand heavy loads and provide maximum durability. With compatibility for Milwaukee Packout products, this shelf is the perfect way to expand your storage and organization options. Upgrade your workspace today with the Pro-Grid Shelving Milwaukee Packout Compatible Flat Shelf. Don’t wait, order yours now and experience the difference for yourself.

Despite the reduction in width, half Packouts still will mount perfectly and the lock still functions. Shelves are a reduced width to allow for the wall support system to be installed in 16″ on center studs. With the included drywall anchors, stud installation is not as needed if your install location does not make that possible. With only drywall anchors used as included in each wall support kit (sold HERE), I was able to sit on a shelf at 180 lbs. That being said, please do not sit on a shelf as the weight is meant to be distributed between all installed shelves.

Each shelf is powder coated a textured black and includes stainless steel button head fasteners for additional durability. Holes in the shelf are slotted to allow for some adjustment if installation is not exactly 16″ apart.

To use this product properly it does need to be purchased with our wall mounting system.


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Included Hardware

All of our products include stainless steel hardware unless noted otherwise. There are a few instances of hardware that we supply that are not available in stainless steel, but that is noted in the description of those products.

Standard shelves include stainless button head cap screws.

For products that are to be mounted on the wall, you can expect both drywall and stud fasteners. Our drywall anchors are zinc plated wall drillers that can support a whooping 83 lbs in 5/8" drywall with the included stainless fasteners. We tested a setup installed with only anchors by sitting on a shelf and it held great. This is not a test you should do as our shelves are rated for 125 lbs only. If you are installing into studs we include stainless lag screws for the horizontal support member and stainless deck screws for the vertical members.

Tools Required

Lets be honest, chances are good that if you are buying our product you have all of the tools you need right at hand. But here is a list anyway.

All of our shelves require a 3/32 hex key to install and nothing more. This does assume that you already have our Pro-Grid Wall Mount System. The Pro-Grid Wall Mount System does require a few more tools, but nothing specialized.

Installing the Pro-Grid Wall Mount System in drywall requires a #2 phillips head screwdriver, pen or pencil, and a level (ideally magnetic).

Stud installation for the Pro-Grid Wall Mount System is probably the most involved, but still very simple. Horizontal support members require a 1/8" drill bit for pilot holes, 7/16" socket, stud finder, and a level (again, ideally magnetic). Vertical support members require a T20 torx bit, stud finder, and a level (still ideally magnetic). That is all that you will need in most cases.


Our installation PDF is included on the last tab of each product page. The manual includes all product installations as there is a lot of overlap. If there is ever something that is not clear, please reach out. If you are struggling, there is likely someone else that has the same questions.

Attrix Manufacturing

Attrix Manufacturing is a manufacturing company based in the USA that specializes in producing high-quality, user-friendly organizational products. At Attrix, we take pride in everything we produce, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of the latest 3D scanning technology coupled with high end 3D design tools to produce our products. We design and laser cut all of our products in-house, right here in the USA, to ensure precise fitment and attention to detail. Having control of the entire manufacturing process and our focus on quality and innovation has helped us establish a reputation as a leader in the industry.


Pro-Grid Shelving by Attrix Manufacturing is the perfect solution for organizing your garage or workspace. With heavy-duty 12-ga mild steel construction and high-quality design practices, this shelving system is built to last and can support even the heaviest of loads. With the ability to add new tools and organizational products, Pro-Grid Shelving is an expandable and reconfigurable system that can grow with your needs. Whether you’re looking to store power tools, hand tools, or other equipment, Pro-Grid Shelving by Attrix Manufacturing is the perfect choice for heavy-duty wall rack and garage organization.

Check out our installation instructions below. This will open a new window with a downloadable PDF. The PDF contains instructions for installing all of our products and will be kept up to date.

As previously mentioned, if there is something that could be made more clear it is likely you are not the only one with questions. Please send us an e-mail so that we can update our PDF or assist you.

Installation Instructions