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At our shop, we believe that having a well-organized workspace is key to boosting productivity and achieving optimal results. That’s why we set out to create a versatile and durable shelving system that can meet the needs of any workspace, whether it’s a garage or a commercial space. In this post, we’ll take you through our journey prototyping Pro-Grid Milwakuee shelf, testing different material thicknesses, mounting options, and load capacities to develop a shelving system that meets our high standards for quality and functionality.

Testing Material Thickness

At the outset, we tested various material thicknesses ranging from 16-gauge to 11-gauge to determine the best combination of strength, weight, and cost. After careful testing, we arrived at the ideal thickness for our Pro-Grid shelves – 12-gauge steel for the main shelves and 12-gauge steel for the brackets. This ensures that our shelving system can support heavy loads without being overly heavy or unwieldy.

Anchor Testing

We conducted extensive testing of various drywall anchors to ensure that our Pro-Grid shelves can be securely mounted to any type of wall. After testing different types of anchors, we ultimately chose Cobra die-cast zinc alloy WallDrillers with an impressive 83 lb capacity in 5/8 drywall. For mounting the vertical members in studs, we include stainless steel deck screws in the kit, while stainless steel lag screws are included for the horizontal members. This simple and secure mounting system can be easily adjusted to fit any wall type, ensuring maximum stability and durability for your Pro-Grid shelves.

In House Weight Testing

Our Pro-Grid shelves underwent rigorous testing to ensure they can support heavy loads with ease. In our shop test setup, we intentionally installed the shelves with only the Cobra WallDrillers – (4) in the horizontal member and (2) in each vertical member – to test the worst-case mounting scenario in real life. So we tested our shelves the old fashioned way, with our butts! The end result is a shelving system that is not only visually appealing but also incredibly strong and sturdy, capable of supporting heavy loads for years to come.

Sitting on milwaukee packout, sitting on pro-grid shelving by Attrix Manufacturing
John (me), The designer putting the design to the ultimate test!

Design Time

To develop the designs for our Pro-Grid shelves, we used Solidworks to create 3D models and laser cut many iterations to fine-tune the designs. This allowed us to quickly and easily make adjustments and improvements until we were satisfied with the final product.

For our initial release, we’ve developed a main shelving system that attaches to the wall and two Milwaukee Packout shelves, one flat and one angled, that can be easily integrated into our shelving system. However, we have many other products for shop and garage organization in the pipeline, including battery charging stations, power tool racks, and more.

pro-grid shelving designed in solidworks, model view of prototypes
Design Sneak Peak, this image shows an early revision of the system

Attrix Manufacturing

At Attrix Manufacturing, we’re proud to produce USA designed and made products that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. Our Pro-Grid shelves are the perfect solution for anyone looking to organize their workspace and make the most of their available space.

So if you’re in need of a durable and versatile shelving system that can handle any load, look no further than our Pro-Grid shelves. With their easy installation, adjustable mounting system, and ability to integrate with Milwaukee Packout shelves, they’re the ideal solution for any workspace. Shop now and experience the difference for yourself!

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