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Tool and Battery Organizational Solutions for Small or Large Shops

At Attrix Manufacturing we know how important it is for you to keep the tools and supplies you use on a daily basis as well organized as possible. That is especially important if, like us, you are working with limited space. We’ve been there and know the struggle. So we developed new products to organize Milwaukee tools and batteries. At Attrix we’ve been working on designing some pretty handy shelves that we think will help you on your way to reclaiming your garage or shop. 

Current Tool and Battery Shelves

Currently, we have several different shelves available on our website as you may or may not have already seen. 

Pro-Grid Tools and Batteries Storage Solutions
Short on Space? Click here for Pro-Grid Tools and Batteries Storage Solutions.

The best part about all of these shelves is that they are fully customizable! What may work for an electrician’s setup may not work for a plummer’s or fabricator’s. With Pro-Grid the possibilities are endless. So whether you have a large shop with a lot of space, or a small setup and need a better way to store your tools and batteries we got you covered. As we continue to work on our products, we try to keep every profession in mind.

Small Space to Store your Tools and Batteries? No Problem.

Here at Attrix, we take pride in knowing that regardless of space size, we have a set up to accomodate them all. Our shelves and tool holders are so customizable that you can make them as small (At least to packout standards) or as big as you want and you can continue to add to them as your garage, shop, hobbies or business grows. We are still in the process of creating more innovative products for all your Milwaukee Packout needs! 

Let Us Know What You Think

Let us know what you think of our products! We want your feedback. Whether a comment or a request. In order for us to keep adding to our Pro-Grid shelving we need your input. Leave a comment or send us a message with your ideas!

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